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Medicaid consultant Dan Miller serving Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Medicaid office in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Our Medicaid consultants in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida region will help you step-by-step in your Medicaid application process. Medicaid eligibility requirements for Florida can vary from other states. Therefore, it's important to thoroughly understand your rights when applying for Medicaid in FL as you receive only one chance of applying correctly in order to qualify for Medicaid assistance. However, we advise that you still speak to our Medicaid representative in the Fort Lauderdale area as you may still save a considerable amount of money even if you've handed in your application to the Medicaid office.

Our Medicaid planners can visit you in the comfort of your own home in the Fort Lauderdale FL region and will assist you to reduce your nursing home costs before you enter into your retirement home. Again, we emphasize, even if you've applied for Medicaid our consultants may still help you reduce your Medicaid expenses. It's never too late to call our professional Medicaid experts! The initial consultation is always free so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Did you know that we guarantee a savings in your nursing home expenses? Call us today to protect your assets from the Medicaid spend down. Our Medicaid experts serve in the Fort Lauderdale FL area. Call our toll-free main line at (877) 21-Medicaid or (877) 216-3342.

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